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  1. Kenya Police Reserve and Africa General Service Medal what are qualifying details re above PZULBA - Out of Africa (Retired)
  2. My late father, was an RAF(VR) Air Gunner attached to 34 Squadron, South African Air Force and had a walk on' part in the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 During the 1970's/'80's he joined a group of Warsaw Vets which became known as the 'Warsaw '44 Club', this group had links to Polish Air Force veterans connected to the 'Polish Government in Exile - This Group arranged for 'Warsaw '44' members to receive the Home Army (Armia Krajowa) Cross. This commemorative Cross was instituted in 1966 by the Polish Government in Exile. see http://home.golden.net/~medals/akpw.JPG A short time later the Polis
  3. Kevin Apologies for delayed response Shortly after the Warsaw Uprising began on 1 August 1944, the Polish Special Duties 1586 Flight based in Brindisi commenced ops to support the Uprising; This was followed by ops from RAF Squadrons 148 (Special Duties) and 178, and SAAF Squadrons 31 & 34 all of 205 Group RAF based in the Foggia area, whilst 148 & 178 crews were primarily RAF (British) with 31 & 34 SAAF being primarily South African, in fact the Commonwealth particularly RAAF & RNZAF plus RCAF & SAAF with 148 ? 178, and RAF, RAAF & RNZAF plus even a Belgian wi
  4. Thanks Peter When I posed the original question, the MOD site wasn't showing any report - my first info was from the BBC, must admit when I posted the MOD link I missed the Colonel's quote!!! RE George Cross, as previously stated MALTA was awarded the GC back in 1942, and the ROYAL ULSTER cONSTABULARY were awarded the GC in 1999 see http://www.gc-database.co.uk/collective.htm again I'm not sure how their well deserved award is displayed/worn by individuals PZULBA - Out of Africa
  5. See MOD link here http://www.mod.uk/DefenceInternet/DefenceN...ishRegiment.htm This medal (CGC) awarded to the Unit as opposed to an individual PZULBA - Out of Africa
  6. Gentlemen What will be the 'protocol' involved in this well deserved award? When & how will medal(?) or ribbons be worn & by whom? PZULBA - Out of Africa
  7. Warsaw Uprising 1944 - Leading up to 40th Anniversary of Warsaw Uprising in 1984, my father who was an RAFVR Air Gunner attached to 34 & then 31 Squadron SAAF (205 Group in Italy) was 'awarded' a 1944 Warsaw Uprising Cross by the 'Free Polish Government in Exile', this for participation in the 'Warsaw Airlift of supplies to Warsaw' - not to be out done the then Warsaw (Communist) Government also awarded him (& others) their version of the same 'medal'; Some time later, the 'Free Poles' also awarded him the 'Polish Cross of Valour', my question is how legitimate are these awards? PZUL
  8. Gentleman just found this site, very informative; My Question - was service in Kenya Police Reserve during 'Emergency' (in my Dad's case 1954/55) eligible for the Africa GSM; If so what criteria applied, and how does one register a claim (sadly Dad passed on in 2001); PZULBA - Out of Africa
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