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  1. Actually it no longer is as that area has been displaced and is now used to display the Central Powers' memorabilia. How do I know this? I'm a guide there and started this hunt in the first place! I had been in contact with the Manawatu Mounted Rifles people who suggested that C.D. G. Taylor was the only person they could find who transferred to the RFC. So it now seems someone else did. But, WHO?
  2. Thanks for the info. Back to Square One! However I have already dug out your Gt Uncle's war service records if you are interested and haven't done so yourself. Incidentally, one of the records shows that that his return NZ address was Te Aroha, which was the same location of Major "Grid" Caldwell, NZ's top scoring fighter ace (25 victories): would your Gt Uncle have mentioned him by any chance?
  3. Thanks Jerry, for the info about the first creature, but what is the second one? With your picture it certainly doesn't look like a lion!! More like a hare? Cheers, Eric
  4. Thanks, Paul, that is precisely what it is. One more piece of the puzzle to put away. You wouldn't happen to know how many of these men transferred to the Royal Flying Corps, would you? Eric
  5. I am trying to determine which regiment would have had a badge consisting of two laurel wreaths, side by side, with what seems to be a wolf's head in the left and a rampant lion in the right. Please note that I have tried to upload a picture from Photobucket but with no success -the pop-up seems to freeze and won't let me cancel it thereafter, so I am trying the attachment. Thanks in advance. Scottish Regiment badge.docx.doc
  6. There is a high probability that this is a 2nd Lt. Cuthbert Dallas Grant Taylor who was promoted from Corporal to Temp 2nd Lt. in January 1918 with a further promotion(?) to Flying Officer in February of the same year. Can anyone advise me how to find out more about him, eg. did he survive the war, what unit he served in, etc.? Thanks.
  7. Greetings, I wonder if any of you can help identify the pilot in the photo. It appears his uniform is that of the 6th Manawatu Mounted Rifles -but he does have RFC wings. Unfortunately here in New Zeland the archives are all based around the person's name -which is precisely what I am trying to find out! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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