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  1. Grey, thanks for link, too bad it is over, I would have had interest in that.I have seen other posts of documents related to this batallion I would be interested in also. Chris seems to have a few related to sturm 8 that are real killers!!!! Hint...... John
  2. Thank you Andy!!, There is very little I can find online. I am sure they were sent to the western front after Russia got out of the war also. My search is on-going...... Again, thanks for your input, John
  3. Hello gents, I have been trying to gather some history on Sturmbatallion 8, and have not been doing to good. Seems very little is easy to find on the unit. I have received very good info from this group in the past, and figured it is time to ask for help again on this unit. I recently aquired a luger marked to their MGK, and am trying to write up their battle history if possible. Thank you for any leads to books, or information in advance, John Shared a pic of the unit mark on a 1917 DWM. John
  4. Padro, thank you for the info. Also,I forgot to mention, the Nachbauer I am looking for would have been in the service 1915 or later. What is the book you posted? John
  5. Gents, I am looking for some leads on a name I have engraved on a piece of WWI equipment. "Eugen Nachbauer" Possible Bavarian origin? Thanks for any help you could provide me ,John
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