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  1. Hardy, thanks for the confirmation. I believed it to be true, but wanted to be sure. This will prove to be invaluable to my Imperial artillery project! :jumping:
  2. Found this as a link from another forum; it's a website selling scanned pdf files of out-of-print Imperial regimental histories. Looks like a goldmine. Five euro seems like a bargain. But is it too good to be true? Anyone know anything about this website/product? http://www.military-books.de.vu/
  3. Tres bon mon sergent! Hey, I've been meaning to ask you, Chris; where does one get a burlap lined Epson?
  4. Live and learn or better yet - get advice from GMIC! I bought this thinking it was a photo of Fuss-Artillerie kanonieren. However, GMIC'er and resident Imperial artillery expert Chip advised that there was no Fuss-Artillerie Nr. 75; so, who are these guys? Doing a bit more digging on my own, I found that Infantrie Regiment Nr. 75 was from Bremen. This postcard was printed in Bremen (no other writing on back and not postally used). The soldier front row, third from right clearly has "75" on his shoulder straps; I can see this with a magnifying lens. (I know it can't be seen from this
  5. Chip; because of the paper the photo is printed upon, getting a good digital image is difficult. (Yes, I know Rick Research - Epson ) But... I have found that the Infantrie Regiment Nr. 75 is from Bremen. And the postcard was printed in Bremen. I am 100 percent positive of the light colored shoulder strap with only a 75 on it. I have seen one image that has the Inf. Regt. Nr. 75 with a yellow shoulder strap on the Dunkelblau. I'll post the image over in the Photographs section to start a new discussion...if necessary. :cool:
  6. Antonio - thanks for the details! I knew you would be the one with the answer. I actually checked your website first, but didn't see this medal.
  7. Dan, this does help somewhat. Your focus on the coat of arms got me to thinking; so, I went looking for the coat of arms of Catalunya and Barcelona. The coat/arms on the front is certainly for Spain. But the one on the back, is for the city of Barcelona - where the medal was found! Possibly a civil award from the city of Barcelona. This actually makes it even cooler as a gift from my son! http://www.ngw.nl/int/spa/b/barcelon.htm Cheers! :beer:
  8. My son bought this at a flea market in Barcelona during a family a trip awhile ago; he gave it to me this year for Christmas (really cool that he notices my hobby!) He also gave me a Spanish Civil War Victory and Rising Medal. That one was easy to identify; this one I can't find anywhere online. The front:
  9. I am constantly amazed how heavily the German Army was dependent on horses. Hollywood never shows it this way...
  10. Will you share the list? No 75 foot? Ok, will post as soon as I can... (Which means getting photographer wifey to help.)
  11. So, you wouldn't happen to have a list of all artillery units would you? I mean including reserve, independent battalions, independent batteries, etc, etc, etc? Each and every one? Just kidding... But I sure could use one of those... Actually, I just received a post card of a group of new kanonieren - all dressed in Dunkelblau with what appear to be white shoulder straps - can make a 75 one one strap. I know there was a Fussartillerie Battalion 75; could this be it? (Will try to post photo this weekend after a trip to Krakow.)
  12. A little over a month ago, I obtained the militärpass of Sergeant Louis Elbe of the Masurisches Fuss-Artillerie Regiment Nr. 22. Twice promoted and recipient of the EK2 in 1917, this was a grizzled veteran who fought from almost the first day of the war until the last - on both fronts. Here's his story that I've determined from his militärpass and a bit of other research. Unfortunately, I didn't find much on Fuss-Artl. Regt Nr. 22; however, Sergeant Elbe's story reads like a mini-history of at least part of the Regiment. -------------------------------------------------- Coming from Hild
  13. Rick; thanks for your reply. So, it's a bit impossible to narrow the date of the photo - our good gefreiter could have pulled out the blau for his wedding since it probably was more "elegant." Yes; too bad about the lack of name. One of these days I hope to benefit from your identification wizardry! :catjava:
  14. Ok, it is clear that the 1895 Dunkelblau waffenrock was officially replaced by the Feldgrau Model 1910. However, how long after 1910 were Dunkelblau waffenrock allowed to be worn? I am trying to roughly date a photo; the soldier is wearing a Dunkelblau and has the EK2 showing. So, on one end is Aug 1914; but what date might be on the other end? Here is the Fuss-Artl. Regt. Nr. 18 kanonier in his Dunkelblau: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=34008&st=0&p=319450&fromsearch=1&#entry319450
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