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  1. these came directly from the grand daughter of the person who owned them.
  2. i have just aquired a goup of badges from the same person,2 are stahlhelm badges i dated 1923 and the other is a swastika with a helmet on top there is also a blut und boden badge dated 1939,and a feuerwehr medal with ribbon and pin,along with these was the hannover medal court mounted on a white and yellow ribbon with the name j.lubeck, i got these cheap and wondered if they were worth the money so any ideas as to valuation would be appreciated.thanks
  3. can anybody tell me what this is,it was originally white and has a ss stamp inside,i am unsure what it is or if it is original or not,the stamp is marked B which i understand is the code for cotton.thanks
  4. i am thinking that maybe it could have been used for operateing in or something in this area,or perhaps a summer cap, it is made from cotton and passed the light and burn test,the dark line in the inside is a shadow.
  5. hi does anyone know if the german hospital staff wear a the white side cap,and if so did they bear the insignia at all. thanks in advance !!
  6. help needed,can anybody tell me if this is o.k or just a fake. thanks
  7. hi thanks i will assume it is a fake!! since being a member of this forum,i have found it to be most informative and helpful and hope it will continue to be so for a long time to come. thanks again and all the best ireichit
  8. hello im new to the site and need some help with this flag, did these exist or is it a fantasy piece?
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