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  1. This lot was sold by Weitze two times. It was offered as "Wehrwolf", but in my opinion it has nothing to do with the Wehrverband.
  2. I don't remember that Weitze had an original on his site during last years? There were only MWH fakes for sale. Can you show us pictures?
  3. Nice Jungwolf badge! Is there a name or number back? PS: Are you still looking for a Wehrwolf skull badge? Please contact me, maybe I can help!
  4. On ebay.de at the moment. There are some details, which I really like. I think, it has a chance...
  5. It was already in another auction and it is the second time for sale. It is the same skull.
  6. What is this? Looks old, dark silver patina back....means nothing.... Details like teeth look not very sharp. Ideas?
  7. It is no headgear skull. It was used on a flask for Reservisten pre 1900. Photo shows a Braunschweig HR17 flask!
  8. Although I think the last 3 pictures don't show us formations, which normally wore the skull on helmets. These are so called "Budenzauber" photos, just for fun. The soldiers removed the skulls, after the fun photos were taken.
  9. Here is photo which was posted by another collector. It was in a Stahlhelmbund id card.
  10. A new skull should arrive soon. An older skull pattern, that I have already seen on Imperial, Freikorps and early SS caps. PS: Notice the nice polished egdes of the bones and the rarer double prongs back!
  11. This aged fake you can find on ebay.com sometimes. Similar original skulls existed. Please compare it with the photo!
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