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  1. Yes, thanks from me too, Avsar. It's great to have someone with such knowledge and experience. Best wishes David
  2. Thanks very much, Avsar. Am I right in thinking that there is a hallmark on the reverse which confirms that it was Turkish made ? Would this help to date the order at all or did this stay the same ? Best wishes David
  3. I have been looking to acquire a 4th class Order of Medjidie of Ottoman manufacture from the 1870s for some time now but I haven't come across any where the seller has given an indication of the period of manufacture, other than Crimean. This suggests that it's very difficult to tell. Can anyone give some pointers as to what I would expect to see on the Order that I am looking for (conversely, what I shouldn't expect to see !). Just as an example, I've attached photos of one that Liverpool medals have for sale now. To me, it looks like a 4th class of Ottoman make but has a feel about
  4. Does anyone know any means of researching awards of Turkish orders such as Medjidie to non-military British recipients such as consuls diplomats etc ? I am thinking particularly here of the date of the award(s) and the class of order. I have seen references to the Ottoman archives but I don't know if they would be able to help or if the material is still available for the early awards. Living in England, I find it particularly difficult to research this stuff and there isn't much help on the internet. The emphasis is so much on British military medals. Could some kind person set out for me
  5. I am trying to establish the circumstances in which Egyptian troops qualified for the Khedive's star. I know that those troops who fought at actions for which a British medal was awarded would have qualified and specifically the action at Tokar for which no British medal was awarded, but what about other actions where no British troops were involved ? I am thinking here, for example, of Hicks' defeat in 1883 and the first battle of El-Teb in early February 1884 - would Egyptian troops have been given a star and, if so, which one as I think the undated version was not introduced until later ?
  6. Does anyone have any knowledge of the Turkish medal(s) issued for the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-8 ? A search of the internet reveals a Turkish medal for Plevna but I have seen several references elsewhere to British recipients of the "Turkish war medal" for that campaign. Any help appreciated. David
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