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  1. Hello Glenn, following Rick Duiven files here it is jasta 78b Royal Bavarian Jagdstaffel 78b Staffelführer Victories From To Js Ttl Unit Date Date Unit Ltn.d.R. Robert Dycke - 2 Js 16b 8Dec17 30Jul18 WIA Oblt. Reinhold Ritter von Benz-stv. 1 1 Js 78b 30Jul18 13Aug18 KIA Ltn.d.R. Gerhard Ungewitter - stv. 1 1 Js 78b 13Aug18 14Sep18 Leave Ltn.d.R. Hans Jungwirth - stv. 1 1 Js 78b 14Sep18 9Oct18 Js 78b Oblt. Ludwig Schmidt - - Js 2 9Oct18 EOW Offizier zur be
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