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  1. Dan,

    I kind of thought this would fall into the fake category. I have seen other posts and thought that the SS runes on this bar looked similar to those, but I was not sure. Like you, I am not an expert and wanted an official ruling.

    You are right, the ribbons look very new. After reading your post, I took a closer look at the cleft between the runes. The cleft on this ribbon bar is very, very narrow, not well defined.

    Thank you for the information.


  2. speedytop,

    It appears that the two sets of medals on the left have a helmet that comes to more of a smooth point in the middle. The 40 year medal has more of gently rolling middle. The 25 year medal I posted looks like it has the same more gently rolling middle, like the 40 year you posted.

    Is this due to changes in the medal over the years? Were there specific years for each way?


  3. Peter,

    WOW! Great information. I went to website you listed and found a version of the pistol I have. Also, I have a picture of my Grandfather in the Belgian city of Liege toward the end of the war. He may have picked this up when he was there. The mystery of this pistol is beginning to unravel. Thank you very much for setting me on the right path.

    Happy New Year.


    I am so amazed at the information I found on the website you listed that I want to pass it along. I copied the information from the site, just as a FYI, and in case you come across anything like this.:jumping::jumping:


    Small revolver (Puppy) "uneven" hammerless in its case, with central percussion, 5 shots calibre 6,35 mm, barrel and cylinder bronzed black, marbled carcass, gilded accessories (trigger, safety, door...), mother-of-pearl plates.

    Punches ELG on star in a crowned oval and letters B under star, PV under lion.

    One finds in a catalogue HDH of 1928 a small puppy "uneven" being declined under several versions but, in the specific absence of marking, attribution with one or the other of the many manufacturers of this type of weapon remains field of the assumption.

    The weapon was transported at the bottom of a satchel of lady or in a pocket, wrapped in its little bag. What could be more natural to leave this ustensil to answer the injunctions of a gangster who told you "your money or your life? ". The openings practised expressly for the barrel and the trigger allowed an immediate response, the weapon being ready with employment.

  4. Hello to all!

    I have a pistol that my Grandfather brought back from Europe during WWII. He told my Grandmother that it was a German "Boot" gun. I am assuming that it was a concealable back-up weapon. That is all the information I have on the pistol. I was hoping to find the manufacturers country of origin, caliber of the weapon or any other information.

    The pistol is a revolver-type handgun that has a 5 shot capacity. I am not sure of the caliber, it seems to be somewhere between the US .22 and .38 caliber. It is probably chambered for a German round, but I am not familiar with German calibers.

    The pistol is 4.5 inches from the back of the gun to the end of the barrel and can easily fit in someone's hand.

    I am not sure if the holster that is with the pistol is original. It is possible that my Grandfather purchased the holster here in the US after the war.

    There are two markings that may be of help in determining the manufacturer. They are both on the cylinder of the gun. The first appears to be a lion standing on it's hind legs and the lettering "PV" underneath. The second is oval with a crown on top of it with the lettering "ELG".

    Any information on this pistol would be appreciated.


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