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  1. Hello guys,

    I have just bought so called Shedwan medal. Shedwan is a small rocky island in Red Sea. Egyptian army has there some radar and a small unit to guard it. On January 22nd, 1970 Israeli forces atacked the island and battle took 36 hours. Egypt lost 70 men and Israel 50. Egypt has issued a medal to commemorate the event. It must have been soon atfter that because the name of state, flag and state symbols were in use till 1971. I dont read Arabic and in such cases I use a service of my tobacconist :), who is a Palestinian. He says that inscription on the avers means Shedwan , the upper inscription on the revers is United Arab Republic and lower inscription means something like " in memory of" or "commemorating Shedwan". I would appreciate if somebody can give more informations, for example who and when established the medal, what is the full official name etc. The seller insits, that only 100 pieces was produced, what would make this medal extremply rare.


  2. Thanks for infos. I was in contact with both sources, but unfortunaly it seems this medal was awarded in a small amount and producers are not interested. Has somebody knowledge how many was produced/awarded? I would appreciate, if you could give here some good pictures of originals. I have this medal more than 20 years, but who knows. The world is full of bastards, who forge the medals :angry:.

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