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  1. Hello David,

    Czechoslovak governement has approved Victory medal in 1920. Czech own desing medals ( Laslo Official Type 2) were produced in 1922. Before this, governement has approved a wearing of Belgian model medals (Laslo Unofficial Type 1 and Type 2) , which were produced by several private companies. Two of producers, Alexander Leisek and Edward Riemer, marked their medals. These are quite common, if you wish I can obtain them for you. And of course, if you come to Prague it will be a pleasure to meet you personaly , to show you some medal shops, invite you for a lunch or a beer :).


  2. First volume (out of four) of detailed encyklopedia about Czechoslovak legion in Russia was published today. It contains some 700 quality pictures mostly never published before. The chapter about decorations is a result of 30 years of reaserch in military archives. Besides other it describes 200 orders and medals awarded to Czech legionaries by governements of 12 states. Also all uniforms and rank insignias during our "anabasis" in Russia. Unfortunaly the book is in Czech only.

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