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  1. Hi Stefan, that is an interesting lead! Where did you get the picture? Does anybody know of an official Mannerheim Museum that could help? Best regards LTC Stahler
  2. Yeah, was just surprised by Rick's location. From my Latin classes, I know "Quae volumus, credimus libenter!" What is the meaning of yours? Rgds LTC Stahler
  3. ok, got that does anybody know when and by whom the EKs were given to Mannerheim? Thanks LTC Stahler P.S.: Interesting that Canada and Venezuela have a mutual border. Did Canada or Venezuela invade the USA, Mexico and all in between ;-)?
  4. Hi, some months ago I saw a picture of Marshall Mannerheim. He wore on his uniforms the clasps for EK1 and EK2 of WW1. Since then I wonder: How did he win German medals in WW1? I know that Finland was part of Russia until 1917. I know that they fought for their independence after 1917, led by Mannerheim. Germany supported their independence (not really wanted by Mannerheim). But which military actions could he take part in to get the medals? Any help for this bothering question is very welcome. Thanks and best regards LTC Stahler
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