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  1. Your right therer are a lot, if you dont count "Patriotics" at least 1,800 to my knowledge.
  2. The first of your badges shown on plate one are as follows. ! Field Jager Bn 8 from Styria ( HQ Graz) 2 Landwehr/Schutzen IR 16 (LIR/Sch) showing the towers of St Mary's and St Adalbert's Kracow. To my knowledge at least two differnet design badges were available to members of this regiment in 1917 If you want another depiction of Cracow look at Fortress Artiller Rgt 2 , this depicts the outer defense line. In fact a few other towns were depicted on "kappenabzeichen" 3 LIR/Sch IR 8 (Prague). The badge depicts Prague Castle and the Cathedral as seen from Charles Bridge. The old HQ of LIR/Sch 8 is still standing not far from the Cathedral. Again to my knowledge two different designs of badge were available to members of this unit during the war. 4 LIR/Sch IR 26 ( Marburg/Maribor ) Slovenia . The badge depicts the town arms. To my knowledge this regiment had at least three different badges during the war. 5 LIR/Sch IR 30 (Hohenmuth now Vysoke Myto CZ). I hope I have been able to help by adding the odd bit of information to what you know. If you are interested I may be able to add a little about some of the other badges you show.
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