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    Battle of Kohima and Burma Campaign
  1. one of the Royal Warwickshire regiment TA battalions was converted to 122 Light Anti- Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery in 36 British Division. 2 Batteries were then swopped with 100 (8th Gordon HIghlanders) Anti Tank Regiment RA who were with 2nd British Division, who lifted the siege of Kohima and opened the road to Imphal 4th April - 22nd June 1944.
  2. Kohima

    Japanese rank slide??

    Thanks but I don't believe that it is. The thing is clearly from the period and what purpose would be served by it?
  3. Can anyone identify the large rank slide with the 'pips'. I have it in the Kohima Museum in York so it was donated by a Burma Veteran of the 2nd Division, so I am assuming that it is Japanese, however we do not have any information on it. It certainly isn't a British rank slide. it has been suggested that it is INA as it approximates British....but....
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