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  1. It is as I suspected. It is the easiest thing in the world to stick a picture with a pin and call it a group. Raymond
  2. Hi Well, the pin did remain the property of the SS (eventhough the chap had paid for it) and if you left, or were killed, then you had to return the item. I am still not sure how vigorously this was enforced, but I have seen documentation regarding requests for pins to be returned. I can imagine in this gentlemans circumstances they would have wanted the pin back pronto. Raymond
  3. Hi Rick The number on the back of the pin is just an issue number and nothing to do with the SS number. The problem with this 'group' is that they can very easily be put together and so I would advise caution to anyone looking at it. If you buy it with the thought that they are not linked and are just put together then you will be fine. I have a database of SS pin numbers, but sadly this number is not in it , which is somewhat irritating. It is fascinating that you have identified the man from the photograph and I tip my hat to you for your excellent work. Raymond
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