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    anti aircraft fire

    Guest nelson

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    Guest nelson

    quick query for any RAF types out there. obviously been watching alot of programmes about bomber command, and the horrific conditions for crews and civilians. especially in awe when one old chap described being put in an arc by multiple search lights, and feeling that everyone in germay was looking at you. i was wondering if bomber command ever went after the batteries operationally so to speak.

    it was really discovering the way the path finders went after their targets to light up the way for the rest behind. one crew member said he could see the faces of the people on the ground!! i always thought they were at the same height as the following crews.

    i know that mosquitoes were used in path finder missions and the raid on the gestapo headquarters in denmark and french prisons, so did they or any others go after defences?

    thanks in advance

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    see the faces of the folk on the ground seems a bit suspicious. the Pathfinders did fly at the same level whether Lancasters or Mosquito's. they were to illuminate the way with markers and incendries in preface to the overall larger scale bombing raid of Lancs and Hali's.

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