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    Early SA belt buckle

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    Hello all,

    Here is another buckle I had bunched in with one of my "various uniforms and insignia" threads, but once again it really belongs here in the new belt buckle forum. This is a nice early SA belt buckle in high quality metal, great finish and in really good shape. For all of you who recognize this one as Dan's (Hauptman) old beauty you would be correct, and thanks again for transfering it on over to me :beer: . I was wondering if anyone knew the makers of SA buckles and if by chance knew the maker of this specific buckle. Also, I think it is from the 30's, but if someone can narrow it down timeline wise and maybe knows which rank(s) of the SA would wear this type that would be cool. Any comments on this buckle are welcome and lets see some more buckles!

    Cheers and thanks for looking,


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    Nice SA buckle you have there. You're right: these were produced in the 30's. This model is in fact the last type issued. The first in the 20's had the sunwheel swastika, followed by a short period where the horizontal or static swastika buckle was used. The third type is your example with the mobile swastika. I can't help you with the maker: there are like over 30 different variants to these buckles as most predate the RZM and very few were actually marked with their M4 classification.

    Again! Nice buckle....thanks for showing.


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