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    Gentlemen :beer:

    The following is a report on two Romanian soldiers wounded in Afganistan.


    Two Romanian soldiers in Afghanistan mutilated for life

    Two Romanian troopers, Valerica Slaniceanu,, 28and Laurentiu Serban,, 27of the 341 Infantry Battalion, deployed in Afghanistan, severely wounded are currently hospitalised in Germany.

    Published in issue 3748 page 3 at 2006-08-21

    Until Friday, August 19, 2006 when daily Evenimentul Zilei ran a story about them, nobody knew anything about their condition. The Ministry of National Defence (MoD) announced that the two military (men) and their families opposed having their story made public.

    The tragedy of the two soldiers who each have lost a leg, comes amid a campaign launched by Liberals in favour of the pullout of Romanian troops from Iraq, but also of a growing number of voices, confirmed by opinion polls, that put into question Romania?s participation in theatres of war. The two military are currently at the NATO Regional Medical Centre at Landstuhl, Germany, and their arrival back home is likely within two months, according to MoD.

    MoD assured that despite their infirmity, the two will carry on their military careers. Valerica Slaniceanu and Laurentiu Serban will remain in the structures of the Romanian Army, one of them even planning to do parachute jumps, General Sorin Ioan, the commander of the Ground Forces Staff (SMFT), said, while in Buzau.

    The two soldiers have lost their legs after they stepped on some mines near Kandahar. Another trooper, Gheorghita Ionel Dragusanu, lost his life in the same incident. According to General Ioan, who spoke to the hospital leadership and the US medical crew in charge of the treatment and the recovery of the Romanian military, the condition of the two wounded soldiers is stable. One of them has problems at one of the eyes and I hope to recover the eyesight and I don?t believe there will be any problems. Their morale is high, they are in very good shape, they are very brave and will remain there until they will stand on their feet, in two months most likely.? And on their return back home, ?Valerica Slaniceanu and Laurentiu Serban will be received with all the military honours, as it is proper, at their units,? the general also said.

    The spokesman for the Ground Troops Staff, Lieutenant-Colonel Liviu Flutur, told Evenimentul Zilei that MoD opted to keep a low profile when it came to the real condition the Romanian military find themselves in. ?Everybody in the army knows that Slaniceanu and Serban have their legs amputated, but we cannot just say it out loudly, from embarrassment and respect for their families.?

    Basescu talks to military deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan

    President Traian Basescu toasted a glass of champagne Friday afternoon with military and war veterans at Buzau, having discussed with the heads of the Maresal Alexandru Averescu? Joint Operational Command no 2

    The president asked about the climatic conditions in Iraq but also the technical conditions of the armoured carriers in Afghanistan, having asked the soldiers in both theatres of operations to return home with their mission accomplished, but also healthy and unharmed, all of them.?I wish you much success and for all of you to get back home. I am convinced that your skills will lead to both wishes to be fulfilled,? Traian Basesu told the Romanian troops in Iraq. Mr. Basescu availed himself of this opportunity to speak Friday with the heads of the military in Iraq and Afghanistan via a video-link conference from the headquarters of the Operational Command no 2.

    by Alina Petre.

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