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    Recognise this buckle?

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    Hello all,

    this buckles been in my collection since 1980 and Ive just started to dabble in collecting again after a 20 year hiatus! Can anybody identify this one, its a 2 part construction and my well have originally been silver.

    It is stamped with SS runes and RZM M/183. No not M1/83! It appears political to me. What do you think?


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    Hi Paul....hard for me to tell because the pics are so small. However, if the SS runes are in a diamond, it is unfortunately a reproduction. I don't recognize this type of buckle being linked to SS anyways....but always keep in mind that SS inside a diamond never existed in pre-45 buckles. SS in circle did!

    Sorry about that..... :blush:


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    Hey Paul....that's what makes this forum so great! The ability to communicate like this. Trust me: I hate having to tell anyone that I think their buckle is bad but on the same token.....I guess this is how we learn and get to share knowledge.

    Cheers mate!!! :beer:


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