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    Astro-Hungarian Table Medal of Carol / Karl.

    Kev in Deva

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    Hallo Gentlemen, :beer:

    I offer this table medal for inspection, I obtained it about 4 years back from a dealer on British Ebay I think it set me back 10 GB Pounds at the time. I believe it has more of a Hungarian connection with regards where it originated, but stand open to correction.

    Description: the medal is 65mm in diameter, and consists of an inner core and outer-rim, the inner core is 49mm, and has on the front side a raised relief of Emperor Carol, to the left of the raised profile the Words .IV.KAROLY. in large letters, to the right side of the profile in small letters where the uniform meets the inner rim as the maker / designer name of:"KAUTSCM.H".

    The reverse inner core shows the Hungarian Crown in the center middle under this a sword with an orb and sceptre around the objects are laurel sprigs, behind the crown a river (the danube?) and on the far bank a city (Budapest?) at the top of the inner core the words "1916. DECEMBER.30.

    The outer rim is 7mm wide and 5mm thick and has a blue painted background with stylised oakleaves on the front side with the year 1917 at the six o'clock position and to the rear laurel leaves as its motif.

    On the rear where the to items join there are some slight traces of rust, which leads me to believe one of the componants are iron or steel and possibly the outer piece could be bronze.

    The table medal weighs 47gram.

    Feel free to post any comments, or show similar table medals.

    Kevin in Deva :beer:

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    Hi Kev,

    beautifull medal i have never seen before. The reverse shows Budapest and Danube and the date 30.Dezember 1916. On this day Charles I of Austria was crowned in budapest as Cahles IV, King of Hungary.

    Maybe this medal is a kind of coronation medal?

    just my 2 cents


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