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    Imker HORCH Kompanie cloth badge


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    Few month ago, I bought a group with 2 photos albums from a LC veteran. all the pics were taken in Spain. some of them shown a spaecial cloth badge worn on the left sleeve.

    The guy issued from the "Nachr. Lehr. Kommando Leignitz" and was committed in Spain from 1938 to 1939. In Spain , he was part of the Imker Horch Kompanie, named Gruppe Wolm.

    It's was a special Army unit of radio-interception. Wolm was the name of the firt commander of this unit. this unit was engaged on the front lines to get information on the enemy activities. the company was divided in 3 platoon.

    In 1938, the members worn a special cloth badge on the left sleeve(I don't know which platoon, or the entire Coy). the badge is oval, it represents a leaves wreath with a swastica at the base surrounding a 4 pointed antenna crossed by a bolt of lightning.

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    Here is another pic, not from my album, which is the first I saw showing this badge. It is during the Hamburg award ceremony on May 31th, 1939. The officer could be OLT HERTZER. The two next to him are OTL von Thoma and OTL von FUNCK.


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