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    James Lee Wood USMC, Much Decorated Veteran of WWII, Korea & Vietnam.

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    'James Lee Wood Jr, USMC - Much Decorated Veteran of II, Korea & Vietnam


    I am interested in finding what information I can on this man please - he was in the USMC & fought during WWII & in Korea & Vietnam, he held the Silver Star, Bronze Star, South Vietnamese Cross of Honour (?), was wounded 11 times & was apparently captured by the enemy & escaped a number of times in Vietnam.

    When he was 86 years old (about 2001) he was awarded a citation by the Oklahoma State Legislature in recognition of his military service, & received a letter from the State Governor.

    I've seen the citation & letter, a photo, a couple of newspaper clippings & a few other bits & pieces to him today & would like to know more about him - a quick search on Google etc was negative.

    Any info on this man would be gratefully received, ta.

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    Certificate signed by Brad Carson, Member of Congress, House of Representatives & dated June 29th 2001.

    Ita is awarded to Mr James Lee Wood & Mr Carson refers to his numerous awards & accomplishments, the many medals & commendations received, his Service in 3 US miltary conflicts receiving 11 wounds.

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    A franed pair - Citation from the Oklahoma Stae Legislature & signed by Representative Joe J. Hutchinson & Senator Rick M. Littlefield.

    It refers to James Lee Wood / Woods Jr, aged 86 years.& his service in the US Navy during WW II & as a combat Marine in Korea & Vietnam.

    It states that he "was taken prisoner a few times but managed to escape before reaching a prison camp".

    It states that he "has finally received the honours due him by the government".

    Amongst awards he received were the Bronze Star & the Silver Star from Korea & Vietnam, 11 Purple Hearts & the South Vietnam Medal of Honour.

    The other document is a Citation of Congratulations from the Oklahoma State Legislature to James Lee Wood / Woods Jr., dated July 3rd 2001 & signed by Senator Rick M. Littlefield, Speaker Larry E. Adair & Representative Joe J. Hutchinson.

    It refers to Wood's service in the US Navy during WWII & as a combat Marine n Korea & Viet Nam, being wounded 3 times whilst serving in WWIi & Korea & 5 times in Viet Nam, reciving the Bronze Star & Silver Star in Korea & Viet Nam.

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    The foil Great Seal of The Stae of Oklahoma displayed with the pair of citations.......

    If anybody has any more information on James Lee Wood or can point me in the right direction in which to look for it then I'd be very grateful.

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