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    My German Mauser rifles


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    1. The German 1888 Commission Rifle / Gew 88. Not a true Mauser, but a mix of Mauser and Steyr. This was the first rifle chambered for the 8x57 I/ 7,92 x 57 I / 8 mm Mauser. This one is a 1888/05/14 made in 1890. Re chambered for the S bullet and converted to accept normal stripper clip instead of the normal feeder clip.

    2. Gew 98 made in 1917 also S bullet.

    3. Kar 98 K made in 1918 also S bullet.

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    Originally produced for the Portuguese Army but never delivered. Put into German service and thoroughly stamped. I have never seen so many eagles and swastikas stamped stamped on a Mauser before. Even the smallest screw got one. Also my first Army rifle which I got when I was 17-18, and probably the rifle I have shot the most. Note the difference on ears for the front sight.

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    5. Re chambered in 30-06 and used in Norway. This one by the Coastal Artillery. All Army and Air force Mauser's were re chambered in 30-06. The Navy Used them in 7,92 x 57 IS . The Police used G 33-40, also in the original calibre.

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