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    Daniel Dunham of Connecticut


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    Hello Rick,

    I was wondering if Daniel Dunham might be a relative because I'm looking to find some info on him. I have his American Revolution military appointment as a 2nd Lt. dated 1778 and signed by Conn. Gov. Jonathan Trumbull. The only info I have so far is that he served three days as a minuteman in the Lextington Alarm.



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    Hello Rick,

    I broke down and paid the 10 bucks for research on one of the Genealogy websites. I found some interesting things.

    Lexington Alarm List

    From Town of Lebannon

    Daniel Dunham service 3 days

    Militia Regiments 1776

    Capt. Pineo's Company

    Regment that marched by orders to East Chester to Join General Washingtons Army

    Daniel Dunham Ensn


    Seventh Company

    2nd Lt. Daniel Dunham


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    Guest Rick Research

    Hmmmm. I do cousins for FREE.

    Problem is, that was The Most Popular Name for men in ONE branch of the family. Over and over and over and over for centuries, :banger: My folk were ALSO from Lebanon but I couldn't turn up a kindred Daniel--

    mine were a NATHANIEL branch. (At one point there were SIX of them living in the same place so mine is known as "The Sixth Nathaniel" :speechless1: )

    Lebanon, Hebron, and Mansfield are adjoining towns. My best "suspect" is a Daniel Dunham born December 26, 1748 in Mansfield, married November 14, 1771 (some sources say 1774) Hannah Freeman (she died there in 1790) and died over in Norwich July 1,1812. But I cannot confirm the military service.

    He was the son of Ebenezer Dunham, Jr, born 1719 in Plymouth/Barnstable, MA (records for the two towns often show this "both" listing), who had moved to Mansfield, CT by the time of his marriage there November 4, 1741 to Phebe Ladd (1726-1816) of Mansfield. Eb Jr died 12/19/1775. He was the son of

    Ebenezer Dunham Sr and Ann Ford of Plymouth, MA, and from there back it's a John Jr and John Sr who BOTH married DIFFERENT women who were BOTH named Mary Smith (just to confuse things).

    Which means, ultimately, that YOUR Dunhams and mine seem NOT to have been related--at least on this side of the ocean, and so you have escaped the Horruhs of Consanguinity... at least THIS time. :rolleyes:

    My original bunch suffered from being itinerant preachers from Penobscot, Maine to Rye, CT (as it was then) whose names were mangled as "Durram," "Dunham," and in what is now New York, "Denholm"-- a good old DANISH name. :banger: But mine took up originally with a family of Huguenot "trailer park trash" just to the NORTH of Plymouth with a hound-lovin' name familiar to Jean Shepherd readers/holiday movie watchers...

    the Bumpuses.

    Odd to find your family and mine RIGHT NEXT to each other in MA and CT and yet no known connection. :banger: The fact that BOTH yours and mine were in the same place in MA and then picked up and moved to the same place in CT is CLASSIC kinship migration pattern.

    Had to have come from the same origin in England. Now there are online sources that ASSERT to have English origins-- on and on and on for generations, but to the best of my knowledge-- over 10 years out of date, alas, NONE of those have been PROVEN. There used to be a Dunham Family Association which I belonged to and was active in before it sort of faded away in the horrid confusion of our dopey ancestors who gave everybody the same names eternally... and couldn't spell.

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