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    Panzergruppe Drohne black beret


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    Checking my files, I found this pic. If I remember well ,I picked it up on Edward's site several years ago when his site (panzertruppe ??) was running.

    This is the typical beret worn by all the members of the Panzer unit in Spain. I don't know about the originality of this one, it is just to illustrate the thread. I never owned nor saw one, and it seem quite easy to make.

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    When they arrived to Spain, the Army volunteers of the Panzertruppe worn civilian clothes during the very first days. the black beret was adopted early and will represent the distinct element of this troop. first of all without the badges. Many pics shown members wearing the beret in the very first days, without skull. Later around october-november, the germans worn the "Leibhusaren" skull. In the main cases the skull is worn with a swastica.

    At the beginning, some germans used to worn the skull with the rank insignia, like the spanish comrade of the armored troop they were training. Thus, is common to see pics showing this black beret worn without skull, with only a skull, with both skull and swastica all along the period.

    The skull was of the "Leibhusaren" type, but collar panzerwrap small skulls can be observed, and even scarcely SS type skull.

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    I never handed such a beret. I think that they were locally bought, because it is not a german civilian hat, more french or spanish period tradition. watching the pics, the guys with the SS skull seems to wear the Army Panzer beret.

    I have another pic of a beret which seems to have a swastica sewn inside; seems a bit odd to me.

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