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    47mm Japanese shell


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    I picked up a nice 47mm round the other day,and would like some help please.

    As I understand it,Japanese cases were marked with the Emperors stamp which was used to date the item.

    Would someone please take a look at the pic and let me know what the manufacture date is?

    Also,any clue about the other stamps please, I know the anchor signifies naval use,but I'm stumped with the others!

    All help greatly appreciated!

    Kind regards,


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    The top right kanji can be used in conjunction with other characters to make a name so I suspect it is an abbreviation for the manufacturer. The centre bottom character is the Japanese number 3. This might signify that the shell was made in the 3rd year of Showa whic corresponds to 1928. Normally when numbers are used to signify dates they have a character in front of them to help identify the era in question, this is not present here so I am not sure if 3 does signify that or if it signifies the mobel/type of shell.

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