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    does anybody know Stabszahlmeister Karl Unger?

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    Guest Rick Research

    Karl Unger was born 4 September 1862, and was alive in 1939.

    Served in the navy 21.5.1882--15.7.1919


    Marine-Oberzahlmeister 3 May 1897

    Marine-Stabszahlmeister char. 22.6.05/1.4.07

    char. Marine-Oberstabszahlmeister aD 15.7.19

    In 1905 he was paymaster with the I. Werft Division, being posted then to S.M.S. Preussen. He had 8 years and 10 months of sea time, then holding the Prussian Crown Order 4, IX Years Service Brooch, and Turkish Osmanie Order 4th Class.

    In 1908 he was paymaster ofn the staff of the Commander of Reconnaissance Forces (Befehlsh. d. Aufkl?r. Schiffe) in Kiel, with 11 years and 9 months sea service time.

    The 1908/09 German Orders Almamac ADDS two "invisible" awards-- the expected 1897 Wilhelm I Centenary Medal, and a 1900-01 China Medal. A. von M?ller's China order of battle in "Unsere Marine" does NOT show Unger with a unit in China-- so that would have been a "stayed home" steel, presumably, or perhaps a late arrival bronze witrhout battle bars.

    In 1914 Unger (now 14 years, 7 months sea time!!!!) had added a Red Eagle Order 4. He remained Inspection Paymaster of the Torpedo Inspectorate (Inspektion des Torpedowesens) for the entire war.

    As of the February 1918 Navy Rank List (often 18 months late in printing awards) he had--


    awards for the war.

    He joined the M.O.V. between 1928 and 1931 as member #5972. Unmarried as of 1.1.14, the M.O.V. shows him with the "*" of married members.

    His listings 1031-39 simply show him in retirement at 68 and then 71 (as if the street number changed( Kaiser-Friedrich-Strasse, Koblenz.

    I don't have any Directories for the MOV/MOHeV between 1939 and 1960, so he died some time between those years.

    He would have received an XXV Years Service Cross on retirement, and was alive to have recived a noncombatant Hindenburg Cross.

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