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What we make of that is a fraud. angry.gif

Tip off is that GERMAN quotation marks are not the same as English/American ones.

GERMAN ones look like:


with the first one down at the bottom and pointies facing out away from the words in quotes. ,,Like this" to use two commas.

Not happy with the style lettering either. Not a period type, but often used on what are generally called "1950s British repros" though I suspect that is being far too generous chronologically. This style of lettering is universal on bad WW2 "Waffen SS" pieces, reputedly all originating in England.

In fact, these initial NoNos are so strong, haven't even looked at grammar, or as to whom the purported recipient was supposed to be.

There is, of course, absolutely no reason to PUT "Kaiser Wilhelm II" inside quotes, as in went to "Buckingham Palace" and was "Knighted" by "the Queen." The use of title name numerical is odd, and would in any case require the genitive ending "-s" for "from the hand OF Kaiser Wilhelm II" and so on. I'd have expected a "real German" to have employed something like "aus der Hand S.M. d. Kaisers."

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Thanks Rick. I had my doubts (its not my Cross). All those I've seen which purported to be original had very fancy stylish engraving. This looked too modern a style of font. Damn shame because other than that its a fine EK1. You can't really make it out on the image but it is maker marked WS to the right of the retaining hook on the reverse.

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And another delayed comment from Dr. Quincy, Forensic Collector (I had to unplug my computer in an electrical storm earlier)--

Notice the coal black patina on the back?

Notice the bright, flawlessly shiny engraved letters?


Anyone wondering WHY the deeply engraved, impossible to polish out tiny letters are not ALSO coal black?

(Homer Simpson noises) Doh!!! The engraving is NEW, OVER the patina! speechless.gif

If the person responsible had polished the heck out of this to a disgusting mirrored chrome shine, THAT impossibly reversed patina/brightness would not have been additional evidence of

criminal activity.

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