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    Masonic or Fraternal Medal

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    Here is a medal which I acquired in a lovely fold-over, black leatherette, velour-lined case. The bars on the obverse of the ribbon have the lettering "P.C.M.", "Middlesex" and "East". Around the perimeter is a lovely wreath of what I assume to be Canadian maple leaves. The reverse is engraved, "Presented to / Wor. Bro. W.V. Matthews / C.M. 1935-36". At the bottom on the reverse is stamped "Dom. Reg. Co." (for Dominion Regalia Company - a Canadian company based in Toronto) and "Sterling".

    From the star (and two gavels) appearing on the obverse, I thought that this might be for the "Order of the Eastern Star", but research shows the star in that case to be inverted with various symbols in each of the five arms, so I am unsure about the affiliation of this particular medal.

    Can anyone please enlighten me as to which fraternal or other organization this medal belongs, and for what it was presented? An indication of the current value would also be appreciated.



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    Hi John

    Thanks for your contribution to our quiet little section!

    I cannot definitively identify your jewel/medal, but I always (rightly or wrongly) associate the crossed gavels with the Orange Order which, I know, is/was active in Canada.



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    Thank you for the feedback. That will help me to focus in researching this medal. If I am successful, I will share further details here for others to see.

    Quick update: A search under Orange Order shows that there are "Purple" degrees in that order, and the ribbon on this medal is of that colour - if that is of significance in identifying the affiliation of this particular medal.

    As well, the five-pointed star depicted on the medal obverse is confirmed as a symbol used in the Orange Order (and Freemasonry) as an esoteric representation of the five points of fellowship.

    I noticed that there is also a "Prince of Mercy" degree, and was wondering if that somehow fits with the "P.C.M." lettering inscribed on the top bar on the medal ribbon?

    The recipient was obviously a "Worshipful Brother" in the order.

    Edited by John Burchell
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