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    SVN,Vung Tau,Badcoe Club,Harold Holt Pool Tile

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    This tile was given to me by a guy that had a cafe in Vung Tau in the 80's & 90's.


    The pool was being demolished and the Vietnamese government

    saved 3 tiles,these were placed in Vietnamese government marked envelopes.


    All three tiles were taken by the guy that I got mine off,for return to Australia.

    One tile was given to an Australian Government official visiting Vung Tau one time.

    The second was given to a veteran that actually tiled the pool in Vietnam.

    The third is now with me.I will donate it to our national museum.

    The Peter Badcoe (VC winner) Club was an R&R spot for Australian

    troops taking time out from the Task Force base at Nui Dat.

    The pool was named the Harold Holt Memorial Pool.


    Holt was a prime minister of Australia,having Aussie digger dark humor,

    they named the pool after him,he drowned whilst swimming at a beach in Aussie.

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