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    A Musketier in von Borcke's Regiment

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    Hello Gentlemen. The delving of some of the members into their ancestors military past has prompted me into trying a little quest of my own. Perhaps, with your help, I can find a few snippets of information about my great great grandfather from my mother's side. I was recently given a xerox copy of his Fuehrungs- Zeugnis dated Thorn, 20th September 1897. His name was Paul Viktor Kamrovski. He served as a Musketier in the 12th Kompagnie Infanterie-Regiments von Borcke 4th Pommersches Nr. 21., from October 16th, 1895 to September 20th, 1897.He was born in 1875, Bezirk Danzig. On the document the number 22 Truppen Stammrolle for 1895 Muster 7 is cited.

    My question is if anyone can find his name on a stammrolle and post the scan, if anyone could tell me which, if any, peacetime medals he would be eligible for, and finally, if he was recalled as a middle aged guy in WW1. Many thanks in advance. Best regards, Chris B.

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