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    Lt. Col. John A. Morrison, 13th Ky Cav.

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    I'm trying to research an ancestor of mine, perhaps the only one of the Civil War veterans amongst them that was high enough ranking to leave any sort of appreciable paper trail:

    John Archebald Morrison

    He served as a Lieutenant Colonel with the 13th Kentucky Cavalry, a Major with the 32nd Kentucky Infantry, and before that a Lieutenant and a as a Captain with the 1st Kentucky Cavalry. He makes a few appearances in the book "The Patriots and Guerillas of East Tennessee and Kentucky" written by one of his fellow officers from the 1st KY Cav in 1863. Beyond that, I've found precious little. Anything that anyone might be able to provide me with would certainly be welcome.



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    Guest Rick Research

    Fixed. cool.gif

    He was not a West Point graduate or listed as a U.S. Volunteers officer, so that leaves contacting the state of Kentucky. Their Adjutant General's Office ought to have Civil War details.

    Give them his birth and death information etc and ask about pension records as well, since those may have more detail about potential wounds and disiabilities, assuming he survived the war.

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    Excerpted from the book that references him, that provides a little bit of background:

    In the spring of 1861 the State of Tennessee seceded from the Union; or rather, the Legislature and Governor Harris passed an ordinance of secession, and formed a league with the cotton States, contrary to the expressed will of the people. Soon after this a squadron of cavalry and a body of infantry were sent to Fentress county, Tenn., adjoining Clinton county, Ky. The citizens of the latter county considered this as a menace; but they were entirely helpless. No United States troops were in Kentucky, nor were any likely to be, as it was said that Kentucky's neutrality would be respected. The State authorities were known as secession sympathizers: General S. B. Buckner, commander of the State Guard, could not be relied upon. Here was a loyal people, who at that time could not receive the protection of either State or National Government!

    The citizens of Clinton county concluded to prepare for their own defence, if they should be attacked. A public meeting was held. Two companies were organized, one cavalry and on infantry. William A Hoskins was elected captain of the cavalry, J. A. Brents first lieutenant, J. P. Pickens second lieutenant, and J. A. Morrison third lieutenant.

    Anecdotal family history has him being KIA at some point, but I have not documentation of that as of yet. I've come across casualty lists for the 13th Cavalry that list one officer as being KIA, but nothing that says which one.

    Thanks for your help. beer.gif


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