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WW2 Ribbon bar I.D. needed

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Hi All ,

I,ve recently got the photo,s of my Grandad off my mother , i want to put them in a frame with his cap badge and medals ( which the family can't find but my uncle told me there were 3 ) and i have bought a selecion of war medals to mount up with his picture and cap badge . I have a picture which i will try and post here and it shows a ribbon bar , i,m fairly sure the first 2 are the 39-45 star and Burma star but i,m not sure on the last one i think it is the defence but i,m not sure .

He was a policeman in luton when the war broke out and joined the military police and spent most of the war in Rangoon , Burma . Any help would be great !




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Hello Grant,

I think you are correct about the first 2 being the 39-45 Star and Burma star but I'm not sure about the last one being the Defence Medal.

This might help you though, it's the requirements for receiving the Defence and War Medals:

Defence Medal

Service in the Forces in non-operational areas subjected to air attack or closely threatened, providing such service last at least three years.

Non-operational service in the Forces overseas or outside the country of residence, providing that this service lasted for at least one year. If the territory was threatened by the enemy, or subjected to air raids, the duration requirement was reduced to six months.

Civil defence in military operational areas providing these civil defence activities were not eligible for campaign stars.

Members of any of the civilian services entitled to wear chevrons for their war service were eligible for this medal.

Members of the Home Guard resident in the UK, who had completed at least three years service.

Recipients of the George Cross or George Medal, regardless of their occupation, provided the George Cross or George Medal were won for service in civil defence.

War Medal

This medal was awarded to all full-time personnel of the Armed Forces. Operational and non-operational service of at least 28 days counted. The Merchant Navy requirement stated that the 28 days minimum should be served at sea. The recipient was awarded this medal if their service period was terminated by their death, disability due to service or capture as a prisoner-of-war and their service qualified them for one of the stars. Also if the recipient had received one of the stars for a service period of less than 28 days, they were also awarded the War Medal.


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