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    Oberleutnant Hans Dornbusch

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    Does anyone have any info on a 25th Artillery Regiment officer by the name of Hans Dornbusch. I have his waffenrock, tailored and named to him in 1939. This Regiment had an interesting history on all fronts but my research material for Heer is limited.


    Mike Heuer

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    Guest Rick Research

    There was no regular officer named Dornbusch in the army as of 1.1.39, so if the label has Oberleutnant rank in 1939, he must have been a Reservist.

    Out of luck, there. The only wartime list is the May 1944 Majors up.

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    Many thanks, Rick.

    I should have mentioned the tunic is for an Oberleutnant (though pips could have been added later) and it is for a Reservist!

    Perhaps he never made it to higher rank and/or survived to that late in the war. This unit took heavy casualties in Russia.


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