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    FN 1903

    Douglas Jr.

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    Hello everyone,

    I recently bought a FN Browning 1903, serial number 23xxx (with the stock rail) showing wear but still with a fair amount of its original blue retained. I did some reasearch on Internet and in some of my old magazines and books but didn't find much information about this pistols, besides the common one.

    Here is what I found: the FN1903 (caliber 9mm Browning Long a.k.a. 9 X 20mm) was designed by John M. Browning and was made between 1903 and 1927 (with some interruptions) totalling something about 58,000 pistols and enjoying only a limited commercial success. Its project it is virtually the same as the famous (and highly successful) Colt Pocket 1903 and 1908 series.

    However, one thing triggered my curiosity: I was reading an old issue (1997) of a South-American gun Magazine where it is stated that a number of such pistols (5,000) were bought by the Russians during the war with Japan (1904-05). Continuing, it is claimed that after the war, most of these pistols were sold by the Russia to a war surplus dealer in Hamburg, who sold part of this batch to the Brazilian Federal District 's Police. I think that the pistol displayed here was probably part of this batch.

    Everything is matching on this gun, including the magazine and the rubber grips (also numbered). So, the gun is untouched.

    To confirm or deny my assumption, I would like to know if this "Russian contract" really exists and, if so, what is the serial numbers range of these pistols. Besides that, any further information about these guns (as well period pictures showing them in use) is more than welcome.

    You'll find the pictures below.

    Thanks in advance.


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