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I have noticed that RZM tags have differnt capitol letters on them depending what they are attached to. Such as armbands having the letter B on them. And coats haveing the letter C and hats having the letter F on them. Is this a correct assumption concerning these tage? If so where can I find specific information concerning this? I figure that this may help in identifying fake items. I was looking at a auction where there was a supposedly original heer jacket with a paper RZM tag on it. The tag had a large letter B on it. This looked kind of wierd to me seeing how I have only seen these types of tags on armabnds I'am no expert on this subject so I figured I would ask and see if anyone on the forum had any infoirmation reguarding the RZM tags. I have posted a pic showing a rzm tag on a HJ armband and on the inside sweatband of a heer officiers hat.

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