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    20 Middlesex Volunteers: The Artists Rifles

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    A cracking piece of headgear

    Didn't the Artists Rifles go on to be the SAS?

    Thank you Tony, and yes they did form the 21st SAS. Interesting history. I had known this helmet was for sale for more than a year, but when I was in London I was able to see some of the collection of the Middleset Volunteer Rifle Corp at the National Army Museum in Chelsea, which included numerous paintings of the regiment by members of the regiment.

    The Artists Rifles were actually made up of painters, writers, poets, etc. So as a writer/journalist this was always a helmet I wanted. But seeing the paintings in the museum convinced me... and the final straw was that the museum had the book, "A History of the Artists Rifles: 1859-1947" by Barry Gregory. So enough said, I had to buy the helmet!

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    "Mars he was the God of War, he did'nt stop at trifles, Minerva was a ******* wh*re so hence the Artists Rifles" - obviously a writer & poet wrote that little regimental ditty - here's a dance card of 1909, you booked your dances with the young ladies present.

    Presumably dance 1 may have been spent downing a little Dutch courage, & 11 & 17 topping it up?

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