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Gendarmerie Officer's Combat Tunic

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Presented here is a Gendarmerie officer's field service, or "combat" tunic. It can be distinguished from the dress service tunic by the lack of brown collar and cuffs, as well as the unpleated back. It is also badged with "subdued" gray collar tabs and boards as opposed to the dress bright silver insignia.

Here it is shown with boot breeches and M42 helmet as might have been worn by a Gendarmerie officer assigned to a combat theater.

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Ahhhhhh, I have had numerous PHOTOS of these in wear over the years (none left, shed all my Polizei stuff some years back and have only crept back in with ribbon bars again) and had always assumed the collar tabs were ARMY type from black and white prints.

Those bright "neck flashes" would have stood out a mile in the field-- VERY like what the Imperial army went to war with in 1914. :speechless1:


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