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    Dead Stretcher Bearer


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    In one of the halls of the Imperial War Museum, Gilbert Rogers famous painting, The Dead Stretcher Bearer hangs. This vignette is based on that painting. It is in 120mm scale. Kreston Peckham, a well known master painter, recently completed painting it for me. As always, he did a phenomenal job! Hope you like it.

    All the best,


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    Me being a soldier with 2 tours in Iraq: This Model gave me the chills.

    Thank you for sharing:

    SSG Luna, Lorenzo

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    SSgt Luna,

    Many thanks for your comment. The chills. From a fellow vet that's a tall compliment. I'm sure that's the response Gilbert Rogers was looking for and I'm gratified that Kreston and I could duplicate it.

    If you have an on-going interest in military figures, may I suggest two web sites: www.planetfigure.com and www.timelinesforum.com.

    All the best,

    Daniel R. Morton, Major, USAF, BSC


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