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    Iraqi General, Salih Mehdi Ammash Mini Medal Bar worn

    Guest IMHF

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    This is just one of my hundreds of original Iraqi Photos.

    I got this one from an antique dealer in Baghdad, Iraq

    General, Salih Mehdi Ammash , the Father of Dr. Hoda Salih Mehdi Ammash. He died in 1980 or 1981 I am not sure.

    He was vice president through early Era of president Ahmed Hassan Al-Bakir.

    The info I have is that he is FATHER, Mrs. Anthrax who has now fled to JORDON to hide from United States Forces. She was the germ maker warfare for Saddam Hussein.


    His medals he displays are:

    Wisam al-Rafidain First class Sash and Breast Star (Republic)


    Wisam al-Rafidain Third class

    Nut al-Shujat/Bravery Medal

    Nut al-Khidmat al-Awal/General Service Medal

    Nut Harkat Mais

    Line 28 of Ed Haynes online book the 1939-45 War medal

    Nut al-Thurath

    Nut Qami al-Isyian fi al-Shimal

    Nut Turath 14 Ramadan

    Also that he was one of the Ministery of Defence Leaders of Iraq.

    I also heard that he was killed by Saddam Hussein.

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    Does any one out there have a picture like this of Saddam they can share??? I would love to get my hands on one as well for my collection: I know William Has one....Can you post it on here?

    Thank you


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