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    The Original Royal Marine Commandoes

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    I was in my 60th Foot (Royal Americans, not Rifles yet) uniform at a reenactment the other day and I finally found a good idea for an original impression. I had wandered into the Seminole camp to talk to a few friends and ended up talking with one of the fellows who presented me with a grand idea: find a (reproduction) set of clothes for the RM and RMLI agitators sent to Florida to extend the conflict between the US and the Seminole Indians. Allegedly, Baker and Enfield rifles were often seen among the Seminoles.

    Most of the agitators which were sent in semi-officially by HM Government were young, 'detached' officers of the Royal Marines. I'm still waiting to pick up every book I have on the Seminole Wars, plus a few new ones, to comb throught looking for names and ranks and dates that I can use to try to get information from the RM museum (I'd think there is one).

    But, in the mean time, I have a problem. I'll probably be wearing half-Indian dress, but, besides that, what would say, a British civilian in India or anywhere else in the tropics be wearing in this period? This is the 1830's and early '40's, which makes it even harder to figure out. I'd appreciate any assistance.

    Actually, can I wear a pith helmet for the 1835-1842 period? If so, what type? Where do I get a reproduction?


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    That's what I'm starting to think of doing. I'd prefer to wear something that marks me as a (recreated, of course) English officer, but I guess that 1840 is a bit too early for a pith.

    I'm thinking about wearing a fatigue-type jacket. You know, the buff/ white one which was used in the summer. Only problem is that I'm not sure if it was ever used in the Royal Marines. Any help?


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    Guest Rick Research

    Wouldn't entirely civilian clothes have blended in better?

    Problem is- who makes circa 1840 civilian clothing? Not the same styles as Civil War civilian reenactors-- those pipe-stem sleeves with high collars, loose baggy trousers... ?

    The only place that I can think of that ONCE had people dressed that vintage was Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts-- but the imbecile running there now has decided that online videos :banger: obviate the need for Actual people Doing Things.

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