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    DRA National Sports Badge... Paperwork

    Guest Rick Research

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    Guest Rick Research

    We could probably sneak this type in over in "Imperial" (we generally 'do" Weimar as well) but with all the other sports badges in here I'll start here. Anybody with the actual award paperwork for DRL and DRL with swastika types can start new threads, one for each type, OK? (I have XEROXES of the DRL with swastika requirements, but not originals any more.)

    This is an "Ersatz-Urkunde f?r Wiederholung der Pr?fung." That is, it is the photo and recipient detail attested INSERT to the full covered booklet "Urkundenheft." Urkundenheft booklets contain FULL requirements for earning badges. This "ersatz-Irkunde" is the short form, since it cost less to process.

    This is for a DRA National Sports Badge in GOLD to Dr. Theodor Wagner, born 15 March 1902, member of the Akademische Turnverbindung "Hegelingen" in Hamburg, a subsidiary of the Akademischer Turnbund of the German Gymnastics League. He lived at Wackerhagen 12/IV, Hamburg 26.


    This is for his his eighth repeat, and was the first qualification in this grade, as noted at top under the Certificate number 35473. The red handwritten "1929" MIGHT be the year... but it is just as plausibly the number of his Gold badge entitlement...

    for the interesting thing about German National Sports badges is that within each class, all award paperwork was issued in chronological numerical order. It is thus possible to estimate total award figures for each grade of each type, by the serial numbers on the Urkundenheft final page.

    Note that this notes his FIRST qualification, Bronze Badge number 5850 on 9 December 1921. It also notes his Silver Badge was issued on 24 July 1928 as number 4130.


    From Dr. Klietmann's citation of annual numbers per grade awarded to the end of 1928, we can match 1921 bronzes, which ended with the 7,110th badge awarded, and 1928 silvers which ended 1928 with 4,830 of that grade having been bestowed in total over the previous years. Both numbers match up very well with the numbers on Dr Wagner's grades. By 1928 1,717 Gold Badges had been awarded... which makes me think that PERHAPS "1929" is not the year--coincidental-- but perhaps his Gold Badge paperwork number. There is no serial number for his Gold Badge otherwise on this award document.

    The young Doctor-- presumably a PhD high school teacher from his sports affiliation-- sports a massive duelling scar from the right side of his mouth over onto his right cheek-- the mark of a "Hun college man." He also wears a mini DRA badge on his lapel-- presumably 1928's silver.


    I have never had DRA paperwork before today. Obviously award requirements changed over time, because he earned a Gold on 8 requalifications, while still only 27, when DRL with swastika DRLs required either 15 qualifications or being over 40. An Urkundenheft fo DRA badges would give contemporary rules in full-- anyone have one?

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    Guest Rick Research

    Page 2 shows entries for the first two of five "Groups" of sports activity required to earn the badge. (DRL with swastika rules stated that BEFORE starting, anyone intending to earn a badge had to pay for a blank form, to which a photo had to be attached and attested by personal identification. This is why BLANK or INCOMPLETE paperwork can be found with photos but no badge issued.)

    "Group 1" was passed on 5 September 1929 by swimming 300 meters in standing water

    "Group 2" was passed on 23 September 1929 by a 1.35 meter high jump:


    To prevent fraud or cheating, the candidate and TWO referees have to sign, with the referees's stamp--

    for the swimming event, that of the Swimming Club "Star" of 1893 Hamburg, and for the jump, of Hamburg's Realgymnasium and Realschule (college preparatory and non college degree high schools)

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    Guest Rick Research

    Page three

    "Group 3" was passed at the High Schools on 23 September 1929 by running 400 meters in 63.8 sceonds.

    "Group 4" was passed on 5 September 1929 by swimming 100 meters in 1 minute 36 seconds.


    Competitors were allowed to select from options within each "Group"

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    Guest Rick Research

    Finally, page 4.

    Dr. Wagner passed "group 5" by swimming 1000 meters in 22 minutes 3 seconds on 5 September 1929.

    Following bureaucratic delay (which if typical accounts for the sort of "late year run" as his Bronze Badge number indicates), approval was given on 12 December 1929.


    Recipients were allowed to buy a full size badge, a miniature, and cloth sports kit versions. In later years, to cut costs, they could also only request a less expensive single page sheet without their photo on it, but bearing the badge authoirization serial number, on requalifications. Apparently no first qualification in grade badge could be prcessed without a photo proving the competitor's identity to the test referees.

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