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    The National Roll of The Great War Manchester Volume.

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    Hi Leigh, just had a look for a guy, T./2nd Lt. James Cairns, 9th Bn. N.Lancs.R. attd. 1/4th Bn., T.F. I have his Military Cross for Gallantry at La Basse on September 30th and October 1st 1918, can't find a mention of him though, bad luck :banger: I know these volumes did not list everyone, still, an amazing amount of work to come up with a volume in the first place and then, for it to be on the web, a brilliant link, thanks for posting.


    Best regards


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    There are more volumes available on CD from one of the genealagy outfits, they cost about ?15 a time.

    I have the Hampshire volume & I think one of the others as original books, but the Roll is a bit too hit & miss (not through innacuracies but because it was up to the ex-serviceman or their families to supply the details if they wanted to) for me to go to the expense of aquiring all the volumes at my level of collecting.

    One of the benefits of them though is that they can provide details of surving servicemen, not just those who died.

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