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Czech War Cross 1939

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Is there any way to tell a cross produced for and awarded to exiles fighting alongside the Western Allies, versus one awarded by the soon to be overthrown government Soviet-ized in 1948?

I just picked this one up at a militaria show today. It is very well made, with the pre-1948 lion. The French style sew-in prongs make me wonder if it is a "western" example rather than one as handed out to the Soviet "liberators."

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Close up of the linden leaves citation device above:

And from the Good Old Days, When Everything Was Cheap, and none had ever heard the dreaded word "variation," an over-the-top Fraternal Comrade's awards of the "eastern type" for the last 6 months of the war in Czechoslovakia:

Which seems to suggest that MULTIPLE CROSSES could be worn and not many devices on the one award's ribbon, French Croix de Guerre-style?

(Note that the last two stripes on the right as viewed have been carelessly left off the Soviet painted sheet-plastic "ribbons.")

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I think it is not possible to tell. Here is one that was awarded to a Rumanian General, after the war by the Czech Government. If there is a piece of ribbon I would be very greatful.

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