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    Grandfather uniform...

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    <b>EDIT : TOPIC HEADER SHOULD READ = GRANDFATHER UNIFORM....(not Great-grandfather!)</b>


    As part of an ongoing 'family-tree' history project, we have this photo of my wife's grandfather (on her mother's side)...he fought in WW1...joining up as an underage soldier...

    We are trying to identify his regiment, so if someone with the knowledge of identifying unit insignia would please have a look....

    It looks like there are two types of cap badge being worn...

    I have no idea if this photo is actually WW1 era, or post WW1...'grandfather' is sitting in front row, second from right...

    Many thanks!

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    Post WWI Royal Army Ordnance Corps ("Royal" was added in 1918, & the badge which consisted of just a shield with scroll underneath was changed to the one shown).

    Possibly the badge of the Royal Irish Rifles shown in the group too, but I've got problems making out the badges on the computer I'm using. Could you do some close ups please?

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    • 1 month later...

    ...thanks for the feedback gentlemen...very helpful...

    ...but here's another photo of the same man, probably taken earlier in his life....we know he joined up in WW1 at an early age...lying about his age to gain entry...as did many at that time...

    ...he was in a Scottish regiment...he was a local to Aberdeen / Aberdeenshire, which would normally mean he would be enlisted into the Gordon Highlanders (sadly, the regiment no longer exists...bloody army cut backs! )....but this badge doesn't look like the Gordons badge that I'm familiar with...

    ...this is an enlargement from a tiny photograph....and I guess the badge could be assumed to be one of several Scottish regimental badges...

    ...would anyone here like to hazzard a guess as to which one it could be ?


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    • 3 weeks later...

    Yep, Black Watch style badge, but can't tell from the photo if it's the regular battalions pattern, the TF battalions pattern, the Highland Cyclists Battalion or the Glasgow Highlanders TF Battalions of the Highland Light Infantry.

    Have you tried checking the Medals Index Cards at the National Archive site online, if you find grandad there a look at his card should show you which units he served with during WWI, amongst other info such as campaign medals awarded.

    Are there insignia on his upper arm, or is that just an effect given by damage to the photo?

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