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    Spanish cross preliminary document


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    A question about the spanish cross preliminary doc. I've seen these for the bronze class and note they have ohne Schwerte. Now ive also seen one for the silver class with no further designation, ie. simply 'silver'. Would this make it with or without swords? I notice the formal doc dosen't state ohne schwerter.

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    In Bender's book on the Legion Condor there is an example of a gold preliminary award doc with no mention of swords yet it's captioned in the book as a with swords, which is right as none were awarded.

    Could an Obergefreiter in 4./LN 88 have been awarded the silver cross without swords or must it have been with swords?

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    I saw it too concerning the gold cross. I can't explain . But I do think that usually when the swords are not mentioned is for a cross without swords. We can accept exceptions, and the gold cross is one.

    I read somewhere (Angolia ???)that the crosses without swords were awarded in silver for the officers and bronze for NCO's and privates. If your guy has a paper only with silver mentioned , I think it is again an exception for the spanish cross in silver with swords.

    It is difficult to make a rule or be definitive with these documents. Not so many are available, and nothing has been writen. The dates also are an issue; the preliminary docs were also sent after the 1939 parades.

    This is more my feeling than a definitive work.


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    Guest Rick Research

    :Cat-Scratch: I've never seen a German award document format like these before! Cutting off the bottom and returning that "stub" for a Final Document must be unique to these!

    The fact that some of these did NOT have the bottoms torn off and mailed back in suggests ??? the late awardees might have been dead by the end of the first year of the war?

    Or else just incredibly lazy!!!! :cheeky:

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    Hello Humberto,

    ang. = Angestellter

    That means he was a civilian "employee" - perhaps in the bureau or some kind of technician.



    thank you eitze for your help!

    by the way, there is any way to track the service of a condor legion member???

    Edited by Humberto Corado
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