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    Need some help IDing french badges

    Garth Thompson

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    I am more of an ODM man but two of them I know :

    - upper row silvery badge is 1er R(?giment) d'A(rtillerie) C(oloniale) du M(aroc)

    - the 5 pointed star on the the lower row is the 4e R?giment d'Infanterie Marocaine.

    Both these regiments belonged to the French First Army (1944-45) as part of the 4e Division Marocaine de Montagne I believe. But I could not tell if they are period badges.



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    The two top right are not French, no clue about the first (but African state), second is from Tchad.

    3rd and 4th top already id'd.

    Second row : 4e Regiment de Tirailleurs Marocains (late 1940s-50s), 601e Groupe de Circulation Routi?re (1960s), R?giment du Service Militaire Adapt? Antilles-Guyanne (1980s-90s) , 5e Regiment de Tirailleurs Marocains (late 1940s-50s), 20e R?giment d'Artillerie Nord-Africain (late 1940s-early 60s).

    Hope this helps.


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    Hello Garth!

    I unfortunately don?t have any suggestions for reference books, but a couple of websites:

    Union Nationale de l?Arme Blind?e Cavalerie Chars


    (cavalry and armour unit badges)

    Symboles & Traditions


    Maybe you can find suggestions for reference books on the S&T website, I?m not a French

    reader myself, but I wouldn?t be surprised if there are books for sale too. On the UNABCC

    website you?ll find badges even down to squadron level for some regiments.

    And I almost forgot the website on Troupes de Marine, there you?ll find TdM unit badges:


    I hope these will do as a makeshift online solution until you find solid printed matter!

    Greetings/ GRA

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    Hello Garth

    I certainly agree with GRA that Symboles & Traditions have a fine set of reference books on Regimental badges. In fact they are still completing coverage of all French unit badges. The site will give help you find the books you need, if they are still available.

    You mignt like to try : Service de la Symbolique militaire. Service Historique de la D?fense. Fort de Vincennes F 94000 VINCENNES FRANCE. They might have a website as well.

    Hope this helps.



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