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    Your U.S Veteran Story...


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    Hello All, especialy the Veteran War,

    I would like a new subject about your War story, and your life in War in the past , mission, special moment, your Army branch... and your feeling about the War.

    I love the History, not the sad War or other bad thing, just the History.

    I have created a special subject in my link under this thread for your History.

    Many thanks for your Time


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    I was raised by WWII vets and they told me many things . . . from my teachers, to my scout master, to my little league coach, to my church leaders, and my own family. all of the adult men in my early years had been in WWII or Korea . . .or both.

    All of those men who had an impact on my life are now dead . . .

    I have known men who were at Pearl Harbor, Guadacanal, Guam, Iwo Jima, Chana, Burma, and India.....and the Pacific Ocean.

    I have known men who were in England, France, Belguim, Italy, Holland, and Germany . . . and the Atlantic Ocean . . .

    I have met men who were in the US Navy, US Army, US Army Air Corps, US Coast Guard, and the US Marines.

    On my wife's side of the family we have members of the Wehrmacht and the Kriegsmarine U-Boat service. (no they were NOT Nazi's . . . .. just Catholics)

    What stories would you like to hear from the next generation?

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    Many thanks for your reply mott5ranch,

    it's very hard to find a WWII Veteran now, I have 3 or 4 vietnam veteran story, but WW II, 0 thanks for your feeling about your education in your country after the War, for me each soldier is a Hero, U.S,German,Soviet...because the bravery and fight for the country and very patriot. Lose a old veteran is lose a part of this War History... it's natural but very sad for our children and your generation.

    but, maybe do you know a US veteran here, or a other member for my History investigation...

    thanks again


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