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    Interesting etched bayonet in ebay

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    Before ebay pull it out or anything here is the description & pictures.


    German Engraved Wustrow Rememberance Bayonet VERY RARE

    Flakschule Flak School Flackartillerieschulle Artillery

    Item number: 330219706094

    Seller: erixtoyz email: ErixFX@Gmail.com

    This piece has been in possession for 20 years and in my family's for longer than I've been around.

    An requisite piece of Military and World history. This, I am told, is a very rare and unusual bayonet from the German Military. Probably during the build up and preparation to World War 2. The "Flakschule"s were numbered 1,2,3, etc.. So when they were referred to they would be followed by a number. The larger the number the later the school. This bayonet does not have a number after the names and it was told to me that it most likely mean it pre-dates the numbered schools. So possible early to mid 30's. In the middle of the bayonet blade it says "ZUR ERINNERUNG AN MEINE DIENSTZEIT FLAKARTILLERIESCULE" in RERIK. Translated loosely I believe is "In Remembrance of My Time Spent in Flak Artillery School". Also Has the map of the Peninsula labeled "HALBINSEL WUSTROW" and has "RERIK, NEU GAARZ, MESCHENDORF, DER RIEDEN and BUKSPITZE". Blade is etched / engraved on one side. Has stag handles in excellent condition and well as scabbard and patent leather frog. Has hilt leather and felt in the post opening. Some minor scratches on tail end of handle and in scabbard etc. but etched blade is in superb condition. Maker MARK is "SIEGFRIED WAFFEN E. PACK & SOHNE SOLINGEN"

    Blade is 10 inches in length.

    Overall is 14.5 inches.

    I know that there are proper names for such things as the felt and such but I know that you know what you're looking at and for so enjoy the auction and good luck.

    SORRY. But there is NO BUY IT NOW OPTION.

    If the reserve is not met the highest bidder will have an option to discuss terms of a possible sale before I repost.

    your bayonet is a private souvenir of an antiaircraft artillerist

    (Luftwaffe), who retired from service in one of the schools for

    AA-training (gunners and gun laying or firing control devices). The

    first Flakartillerieschule was founded on Wustrow after 1933. Wustrow is

    a peninsula near Rostock in the Baltic Sea. Till 1945 there were some 4

    or 5 AA schools, but these were given numbers (f.e."Flakartillerieschule

    1" a.s.o.). So I think, your bayonet is from the thirties."









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