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    Good day, forumians!

    I obtained this picture that I thought shows a German soldier in the middle and two ukrainian soldiers on the sides. I was told that the two soldiers on the sides are dressed in everything german except for the hats and the russian sabres. Do they look german to you guys? Are those medal bars on their chests or could it be something else? Also another question for the photograph collectors, as I received this pic it turned out that it's glossy, I'm used to old photographs being matte, could it be a modern repro or is it possible that it's and old pic? Thanks in advance.



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    Guest Rick Research

    You have GOT to get an Epson scanner.

    The man in the middle is a Hessian-- and rather oddly, wearing their highest award, the "Kriegerehrenzeichen in Eisen" (pinback) without the normal Iron Cross 1st Class. The other two are indeed German soldiers, wearing "funny" hats (the guy on the left looks like he is wearing one of my Swedish ancestors' 19th century cavalry caps, while the other has a normal Russian "fish fur" hat worn Cossack style) and goofing with Russian cavalry sabers.

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    Rick, thanks for the help. Hats like that with the long piece of cloth called shlyk were widely used during the ukrainian civil war. Regarding the scanner, you're absolutely correct - sorry for the quality, here's a darker version which might be easier to read.


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